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E.A.C.H Research take pride in being different, and the processes we utilize for service delivery are based upon this differentiation. While other firms implement one size fits all research solutions, we know the reality is that no two clients are the same, therefore we create a custom plan for each of our clients to meet their specific needs, wants and goals through transformative workshops and modular trainings.


Medical Writing

We Advice and assist with the development of clinical study protocols, reports, and amendments


Project Management & Research coordination

Study design, recruitment criteria, forecasting, Project planning and implementation

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Modular Training

Statistical data management, analysis and interpretation using STATA, R Studio , NVIVO , SPSS and SAS


Counselling, life skills and health communication

EACH research opens doors to opportunities to examine these areas of our society – the causes, impact and prevention


Free Training

Free workshops for residents and medical students on ABC of research for the beginner

Why Us?

Our consultancy was the result of an identified need by our team to enable and grow Africa research by Africans, to help meet this need the consultancy provides FREE FULL DAY workshop for residents and medical students on how to develop their thesis, as well as turning the thesis into manuscripts for publication. We walk the journey with you!


Patient Safety engagement – at WHO level by one of our consultants an expert study site and patient burden assessment for safety signal identification. 

Our Promise

Most trainees in healthcare are expected to write a thesis – in the absence of support, the data remains unpublished. The theses written by trainees is evidence that high-quality research is possible with limited funding. we promise to adhere to ethical clinical research practices accommodating the different needs of our clients in a timely fashion

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